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Why Cyber Criminals Love to Hack Small Business

Nearly half of recent cyberattacks have been targeted at small business. The average cost of these attacks is $200,000 and many small businesses have had to close after an attack.

Cyber criminals target small businesses because they know that most small businesses think that they are not a target and invest very little in cybersecurity. That means that they are easy targets and cyber criminals can make a quick buck selling customer & business data on the dark web.

Another big problem is that small businesses don’t have the staff or budget to protect against these kind of advanced cyber attacks. Phishing, malware & intrusion seem completely impossible to mitigate. After all, an SMB doesn’t have a $16M yearly budget for cyber security like a Forbes top 100, and the top security companies and big business have no real interest in protecting them.

That’s why we’ve released our newest whitepaper, the Small Business Guide to Preventing $200,000 in Losses Due to Advanced Cyberattacks

In the guide we share the greatest threats to small business, how to mitigate them, and why your business is at risk of huge damages. Get the guide and fight back against cyber criminals.

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