regulatory compliance

Cyber Essentials Plus Compliance For Remote Workers

Cyber Essentials is a UK regulatory compliance. Since October 2014, the UK government requires all suppliers bidding for contracts handling of sensitive & personal information to be certified against the Cyber Essentials Scheme.

Secure Remote Workers

Privatise helps companies pass the firewall regulations of Cyber Essentials, securing network firewalls for remote workers by tunnelling device data through our ROC firewall.

Full Control

Privatise's state of the art full control solution prevents tampering and keeps the security on at all times to ensure your company's employees are Cyber Essentials compliant.

Reporting & Audit Logs

Privatise's compliance reporting & audit logs help your company make sure all employees are protected. Our reporting also helps you track who accessed what resource and when.

The Privatise Advantage

One Click Network Security For Your Entire Company

Privatise’s one click network security ensures that your company devices are protected at all times. Both in the office, or remote, company data is secured behind our ROC-Firewall and protected with 256 bit military grade encryption.

Military-Grade Encryption


Reporting & Audit Logs

Wi-Fi & Ethernet Protection