regulatory compliance

GDPR Compliance Simplified

GDPR includes over a 100 different regulations on managing customer data. That’s why having a proper security solution in place is so important to help you pass those regulations.

Companies found in violation of GDPR including security or breach notifications can be fined up to 10 million euros or two percent of the company’s global annual turnover of the previous financial year — whichever is higher.


Military-Grade EncryptIon

Privatise protects against data-breaches and goes well beyond EU standards with military-grade encryption of all company data.

Security Policies

Privatise allows you to lock down cloud and on-premise resources to specific groups, creating effective security policies for your company data.

Reporting & Audit Logs

Privatise's compliance reporting & audit logs help your company respond to data requests. Our reporting also helps you track who accessed what resource and when.

The Privatise Advantage

One Click Network Security For Your Entire Company

Privatise’s one click network security ensures that your company devices are protected at all times. Both in the office, or remote, company data is secured behind our ROC-Firewall and protected with 256 bit military grade encryption.

Military-Grade Encryption


Reporting & Audit Logs

Wi-Fi & Ethernet Protection