Cloud Based Network Security for MSPs

Fully Cloud Based Network Security. Easy to Deploy. Encryption, Remote Access, DNS Filtering, Intrusion Protection, Reports, & More. Learn Why Privatise is Taking MSPs by Storm.

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About Privatise

The Privatise Advantage

Privatise covers the entire “network” layer of cyber security. It’s easy to deploy and available on all of the main operating systems. Encryption, Remote Access, DNS Filtering, Intrusion Protection, and Monitoring have never been easier to use, deploy, and protect with.

Military Grade Encryption

Privatise utilizes military grade, 256 bit encryption ensuring that no one can see or snoop on your data. The encryption also prevents DNS hijacking.

DNS Filtering

Prevent internet malware. Filter employee websites. Take advantage of our enterprise level DNS Filtering at unbeatable prices.

Remote Access

Safely tunnel back into your office network or file server using our agent based Remote Access solution. The connection is encrypted, providing safe communications. Never has Remote Access been easier to deploy.

Dedicated IP

Protect your cloud resources by whitelisting a dedicated IP. Have one per company, or use the zero trust system and have multiple dedicated IPs for different teams based on privileges.

No Username/Passwords

Privatise is powerful and easy to deploy. Either install manually, or use our RMM integration to deploy silently with your RMM. Deployment is seamless with no usernames or passwords to remember making it easy and more secure.

Monitoring & Reports

Make sure your employees are protected with full monitoring and reports. Manage users, customers, and see statistics on our easy to use admin portal for Partners.


Important Features
for MSPs

Privatise is built from the ground up for MSPs. Monitoring, RMM & PSA integration, easy deployment and more are built in.

We’re Channel Exclusive and built for MSPs. PSA & RMM integrations, easy deployment, and monitoring are built in. Everything you need to easily manage and deploy network security to your clients with is ready and easy to use.

Enterprise Support

Our team of tech support engineers are ready, willing and able to answer any questions and make sure your deployment succeeds.

Incredible Pricing

We understand that as MSPs, you deserve to make good margins. Privatise offers enterprise level value with incredible pricing. Bring your business to the next level.

Web Management Portal

Our state of the art web management portal for MSPs puts you in total control. Create permissions and privileges on a group and company level. Monitor deployment and usage. Create reports, integrate your PSA, and more.

Built for Security

We target enterprise, corporate, and business. Security matters, and we offer grade A security.





  • PSA Integrations
  • Secure, No-Password Deploy
  • AI Based Automation
  • DNS Filtering
  • Remote Access
  • Intrusion Protection
Closest Competitors
  • PSA Integrations
  • Secure, No-Password Deploy
  • AI Based Automation
  • DNS Filtering
  • Remote Access
  • Intrusion Protection

Network Security For MSPs

Enterprise Level Support

Our enterprise level support is there to help you every step of the way. Onboarding, deployment, integration with custom software. Our staff will make sure you are successful in your deployment.

Marketing & Sales Support

As the world goes remote, your clients now need network security, remote access, whitelisting and encrypted connections. We will help you sell it to them.


Most companies add MSP support as an afterthought. For us, you're our primary customer. We have integrations with the most common PSAs, and are adding more all the time to make your work easier.

Incredible Value

The value we offer for our pricing is unmatched. We make sure that you can supply your customers with an incredible product, while giving you the margins you need to bring your business to the next level.