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Privatise Business VPN

Who's protecting your customers when they use public WiFi?

Get the VPN that's built for business and designed for MSPs.

The VPN exclusively for MSPs

  • Wifi security-01Protect customers who use public WiFi
  • multiple devices-01Fast and easy deployment to any device
  • Internet privacy-01Simple to use, runs in the background
  • Centralised management2Designed for MSPs - Manage. Control. Audit.

Privatise solves MSP challenges deploying VPN Service apps:

How do you deploy a VPN app to every employee, to each of their devices, for all of your clients - thousands of installs?
How do you and they safely manage all the credentials?
How do you know who is  AND IS NOT  using the VPN?
How can you be sure they're using the VPN properly?

Built for small business. Designed for MSPs.

Easy installation
Simple, one-click installation
Monitor and audit compliance in real-time
TrueState Dashboard lets you follow employee usage and ensure compliance
no username and password_blue-01
Credential-free management
Cripki Technology means no passwords to remember
automated upgrades-01
Integrate with your PSA and RMM systems
multiple devices-01
Business grade client apps
Simple to use apps run in the background
Centralised management_blue-01
Central management

Manage accounts, control user permissions and delegate to lower-tier admins



Privatise is an easy to use solution that helps our clients secure their network connections in this crazy world of breaches!  The ability to have local network connection secured makes it easier for clients to feel safe in environments outside of their place of business. We have several clients who travel outside the USA and use the internet at locations like cafes and hotels. Privatise makes it easy to know that we are protecting these clients.

Tim Knarr
Tim Knarr
Operations Manager - JS Computek
Privatise is simple, straightforward and easy to manage. The Appstractor team is very responsive in both support and product development. I look forward to adding it to stack.
Al Alper-1
Al Alper
CEO/Founder - Absolute Logic