regulatory compliance

HIPAA Compliance Simplified

HIPAA compliance involves the protection of patient data through administrative, physical security, and technical security. Privatise helps your organization pass the HIPAA technical requirements.

Integrity & Access Controls

HIPAA compliance requires that healthcare providers ensure that patient data is not improperly audited or destroyed. Privatise uses public key infrastructure combined with our RADIUS servers to authenticate, authorize, and account for access.

Military-Grade Encryption

HIPAA requires that healthcare providers encrypt all data that is sent outside of the secure office. Privatise secures all data with 256-bit, military encryption preventing access from cyber criminals or general third parties.

Reporting & Audit Logs

Privatise's compliance reporting & audit logs help your company respond to data requests. Our reporting also helps you track who accessed what resource with detailed compliance reports that can be drilled down to the device level.

The Privatise Advantage

One Click Network Security For Your Entire Company

Privatise’s one click¬†network security ensures that your company devices are protected at all times. Both in the office, or remote, company data is secured behind our ROC-Firewall and protected with 256 bit military grade encryption.

Military-Grade Encryption


Reporting & Audit Logs

Wi-Fi & Ethernet Protection