Case Study

Net60 uses Privatise as a replacement for clunky hardware security

Privatise helps US based marketing company secure their office and use the Privatise ROC static IP for secure cloud access.

The Company:

A US based marketing company that specializes in managing customer data.

“With the Privatise solution, we know that our data and our client’s data is secure. We are a small company without full-time IT, and having a one-click solution that secures all of our employees devices without needing to install hardware is incredible.

The virtual firewall and having all devices anywhere in the world share the same static IP is icing on the top!” – Chaim Lazar, CEO

Solution Highlights:

No-hassle instant deployment

Drop-in Replacement for Hardware Network Security   

One static IP from any location for cloud resources

The Challenge:

Net60 is a small US based marketing company. They need to protect their customers data and they have providers that request they use one static IP for access.

The Solution – Privatise

Privatise was the perfect fit for Net60, being the only enterprise-level tool that can be installed for full network security without having a huge IT team and budget. The one-click install provided a drop-in replacement for expensive hardware and provided the virtual firewall, encryption, DNS filtering and static IP that their company needed for security.

The Results:

Cloud Provider Access: Cloud providers that required a static IP for access could now be accessed from any location with the Privatise ROC static IP.

Easy Deployment

Privatise was deployed via a quick one click install.

Enhanced Security

Privatise provides affordable, enterprise level network security with the click in the button. It was a natural fit for Net60, without having to set up expensive and complicated hardware-based network firewalls. Not only that, Privatise offers better security than some of the cheaper ISP offered security solutions while requiring no management and being easy to use.