Case Study

Increasingly replaces their well known SASE solution with Privatise for faster speed & a better experience.

Privatise helps leading AI SaaS company that works with brands like Samsung and Canon to secure their employees & pass compliance regulations without disruptions.

The Company:

An award-winning AI SaaS company that drives basket revenue and works with brands like Samsung & Canon.

“It just works. I have never had a moment where I have wondered if my internet connection was slow because of my VPN. Its fast, its secure and it gives us all the organizational controls we need to manage our set up. Getting going was painless.”

“I think Privatise is a total no-brainer for anyone who uses VPNs to manage their organizational work. The support has been phenomenal. I am so delighted to have made the move over to working with Privatise.”

 – Satish Jayakumar, COO & Cofounder @ Increasingly

Solution Highlights:

No-hassle instant deployment

Protected home networks for employees

Zero Trust

VPN tunnel to AWS resources

The Challenge:

Increasingly currently operates a remote working model. They needed a solution that would protect their home workers’ network firewalls and help pass compliance regulations.

The problem was the other SASE solution they were using was giving them issues with latency & disconnects, especially during video calls. They needed something that would work for their employees with no hassle.

The Solution – Privatise

Privatise was the perfect solution for Increasingly. Privatise was able to provide a full SASE solution, easy to deploy and easy to manage without any major hits to latency or speed.

On top of that, Privatise allows for tunnelling certain safe media & audio traffic outside of the tunnel resulting in zero speed decrease for video & audio calls.

The Results:

Increased Productivity

Before Privatise, Increasingly saw a number of their employees disconnecting the SASE agent or not using it all due to connectivity issues with their previous SASE. With Privatise installed, employees were comfortable using the agent and barely noticed it after an initial onboarding period.

Easy Deployment

Privatise was deployed via a limited time pin code supplied by the admin. Privatise then “locks” to the device, and users no longer had to worry about being constantly hassled to enter additional pin codes in order to connect to the network.

Enhanced Security

Dealing with customer data in the E-Commerce industry, Increasingly takes cyber security seriously. With Privatise, at-home employees could now securely handle customer data over a military-grade, 256 bit encrypted connection.

On top of that, traffic was now tunneled through the Privatise Remote Office Cluser (ROC), where it was filtered by the ROC virtual firewall, Enterprise DNS Content Filtering and Privatise Zero Trust.