Case Study

Fidelius Replaces Legacy Remote Access with Privatise ROC Software Secure Remote Access

Privatise helps leading finance company provide secure remote access and secure at-home networks for over 100 devices with the Privatise Remote Office Cluster (ROC Solution).

The Company:

An award-winning financial services company committed to excellent customer service. Fidelius provides a range of solutions for individuals and companies, including wealth management and employee benefits.

“With the Privatise solution, it’s given us great peace of mind to know that our employees’ networks are secure and protected with the Privatise ROC Virtual Firewall. Privatise has allowed us to continue working from home with our client data protected. All while staying connected to office resources as if we were still in the physical office.”  – Clive Lower, Head of Operations

Solution Highlights:

No-hassle instant deployment

Protected home networks for employees

Software-based encrypted remote access back to office servers

The Challenge:

Like many companies, Fidelius found their 100 employee team suddenly working completely remote due to COVID-19. They had to quickly put in place highly secure remote access and make sure that their employees had protected networks while working with sensitive client information.

The Solution – Privatise

Privatise was the perfect solution for Fidelius. Privatise was one of the few solutions that was completely software-based and provided military-grade VPN encryption, a virtual firewall, static company-wide IP, monitoring, & content filtering in an easy to install, one-click setup.

Privatise allowed Fidelius to get up and running with secure at-home networks and easy to use secure remote access. Privatise’s secure remote access solution meant that Fidelius at-home employees were connected automatically to their in-office Domain Controller totally seamlessly. It was as if they were still in the office!

The Results:

Easy Deployment

Privatise was deployed via a quick, silent install on all the devices without any hassle.

Enhanced Security

Dealing with finances, Fidelius is Cyber Essentials compliant and takes security seriously. With Privatise, at-home employees could now securely handle customer financial data over a military-grade, 256 bit encrypted connection. On top of that, traffic was now tunnelled through the Privatise Remote Office Cluster (ROC), where it was filtered by the ROC virtual firewall and Enterprise DNS Content Filtering.