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Ensure Your Business’ Internet Privacy with VPN Software

Why your Business needs online encryption software

In light of recent data breaches of major businesses and organisations, as well directives like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes with hefty fines for those who fail to comply by not properly protecting and managing data, businesses have internet and data privacy at the top of their agenda.

The issues around internet privacy are well-documented – and many businesses routinely collect information about their users. Internet giants such as Amazon, Google, Bing and Yahoo have been harvesting and monetising data for years.

Having this level of granularity has tremendous benefits for businesses – but what happens when that information is stolen or leaked online?

From a business perspective, the risks are clear. When employees are working on or with business-critical data using a connection that is not secured via internet privacy VPN software, that information is potentially in the hands of anyone who wants to look at it when it is transmitted online. Anyone using these networks can – with the right tools – access another user’s information, steal it, insert malware, and much, much more. With this considered, having an internet privacy VPN software solution built for business, and to protect privacy, is crucial.  

Why is VPN software necessary for ensuring Internet Privacy?

More often than not, employees unknowingly access a business’ cloud-based services via unsecure connections – both inside and outside of the office. In using these connections, the business’ cloud-based solutions are exposed to potential risks and cyber-attacks from people who know how to access devices on unsecure networks. Office 365, file sharing software, business email – all of these online solutions can be readily accessed, but by using a VPN solution built for businesses, however, these connections can be protected.

Unsecured data
Unsecured data
Activities conducted on unsecured private networks can be accessed by anyone that has the necessary know-how and tools to do so.
Illegitimate hotspots
Illegitimate networks
Anyone can create a WiFi network and name it so that it appears to be legitimate. As users have no real way of knowing – they could unknowingly be using rogue connections.
Information siphoning
Information siphoning

With a man-in-the-middle attack, cyber-criminals who know how to spy on active connections on the WiFi network can siphon information without the user ever knowing.

Malware distribution
Malware attack

Obtaining the user’s IP address via an unsecured network will allow cyber-criminals to identify device vulnerabilities and distribute specific malware to inflict further damage.

Data interception
Data interception
A cyber-criminal can monitor and intercept unencrypted data as it travels across an unprotected network.

What private information can a VPN protect?

When it comes to data in transit, the most vulnerable point is the transference of data between a user’s machine/device and the target server. Over untrusted and unprotected connections, cyber-criminals can readily intercept, access and read data in transit as it’s not encrypted. With a VPN, however, all information transferred between a user’s machine/device and the VPN server is encrypted and key identifiers, such as an IP address, are hidden – making it significantly harder to intercept data communications and for cyber-criminals to decipher it.


Internet privacy VPN software will provide encryption of your communications, preventing any cyber-criminals from finding out key identifying information.

ARROW 2.png
With online encryption software, your data is encrypted in transit and cannot be deciphered by cyber-criminals should it be intercepted.
Users and connections
Online encryption software ensures that only authenticated users can use the solution and that connections to a business’ cloud-based solutions – e.g. Office 365, business email or file sharing – are protected and private.
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