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Online Identity Theft Protection

Online identity theft protection software is essential for SMBs

Identity theft is by no means a new threat, but as businesses become more reliant on mobile networks and technology the threat of cyber criminals intercepting data is becoming more prominent.

But the modern nature of business and the need for online platforms means the methods by which criminals can intercept data in transit (defined as data that flows over public or untrusted networks such as the Internet or data which is transferred across a private network such as a Local Area Network) are presenting more complex challenges.

Company directors are among the most targeted groups for identity theft and are nearly twice as likely to be victims of identity fraud than any other individual.

The potential payout for a cyber criminal if they are able to impersonate a director, or financial controller through communications like email, and online activity are lucrative and, as such, online identity theft is a fast-growing opportunist cyber threat.

More than half of UK organisations expect to be the victim of cyber crime in the coming years, according to PwC, so the requirement to implement robust online identity theft protection software is becoming ever more essential.

As businesses become more reliant on online communications and “connected” devices, so the risk of online identity theft grows with it. Company directors, financial controllers and other senior staff need to be aware of these issues and take steps to avoid the potential of being impersonated online.

The risks are substantial and the cost of being an unwitting dupe can be substantial.

This is a risk you cannot afford to ignore and doing nothing could risk the future of your business.

Public WiFi and identify theft risks

Using public WiFi presents an array of potential security problems for businesses, particularly when it comes to the risk of identity theft:

Man in the Middle attack
Man in the Middle attack
A hacker’s computer sits in between the connection and eavesdrops on all data sent across it. Any personal information sent across the network can be stolen and used to assume the victim’s identity.
Rogue Hotspots
Rogue Hotspots
Cyber criminals will often create rogue hotspots with similar names to legitimate access points in the area. If a user signs into a rogue network, cyber criminals can then intercept data sent across it.
Unsecured networks
Unsecured networks

Networks with no security measures in place can be easily taken advantage of by criminals who can use freely available tools to intercept information across the network. Personal information can easily be stolen in identity theft attacks.

Snooping and Sniffing
Snooping and Sniffing

Using relatively simple measures, a cyber criminal can log onto a public network and monitor the information users are entering into forms or pages, especially if they have weak protection on their device. If the information is sensitive and personal this can potentially be used for identity theft.

Malware Distribution
Malware Distribution

Any software vulnerability on public WiFi means criminals can install malware on your computer without you knowing and potentially view your sensitive information.

What information can a VPN protect?

Privatise’s online encryption software can protect your identity by allowing you to connect to internet services without exposing your data.

Our focus on creating online encryption specifically for SMBs means the solution can be easily deployed across every device and employee through a central portal, ensuring you are fully protected at all times.

Using our online identity theft protection software, your personal information remains secure and safe at all times across all devices – no matter where your employees are working.

The growing reliance on mobile networks and public WiFi to accommodate flexible working models means that increasing your business’ cyber security is becoming more essential than ever.

Unlike current VPNs, however, our online encryption solution is geared specifically for your SMB’s unique requirements, offering you maximum security with full flexibility and ease of deployment.

Adding this extra level of online encryption to your business’ network means any and all communications, from email to financial transactions, are much more secure and allow you to carry out your business.

Protect your data

Ensure your business’ information remains secure with a robust online encryption solution

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Secure business communications
Operate your business from anywhere and keep your private emails and business communications secure with a dedicated VPN for SMBs
Defend your business from online identity theft
By encrypting your online communications and information with a business VPN, you can eliminate the risk of identity theft and safeguard your company from cyber criminals
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