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Privatise Business VPN

Encrypted data communications software for SMBs

Keep your business’ data private and secure

Keeping sensitive business data secure is nothing new and is an ongoing challenge for every business. The complexity of the digital landscape has put onus on the IT staff within businesses to ensure they have encrypted data communications software in place.

Directives like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have put a renewed emphasis on data privacy, while cyber attacks such as ‘WannaCry’ and ‘Petya’ have highlighted just what can happen if businesses neglect online security.

These kinds of security scares have highlighted the need for the encryption of sensitive data that is stored or at rest – i.e. passwords, financial information, personal information – so that if it was ever stolen, the encryption of it makes it significantly harder to use. The encryption of data in transit for SMBs has, however, taken a back seat in light of recent events – but in order to protect business communications completely, data in transit also needs to be protected.

For many businesses, SMBs in particular, these challenges have meant that they have had to revise their approach to privacy online completely. This changes are entirely necessary but often a business’ weakest link is not its online security but its employees: those who do not take the time to update software or fail to use approved encryption data communications software.

In building a multi-layered and secure network, encrypted data communications, such as through a VPN, is essential. While there are many solutions available in the space, few are designed to meet the specific needs of small and medium-sized businesses. These solutions are often complex and employees shun them on that basis, leading to more risks to the business.

However, Privatise’s online encryption software ensures secure, encrypted data communications, providing businesses with a simple and straightforward solution for online privacy. Privatise’s encrypted data communications software helps SMBs to not only encrypt more of their online communications, ensuring data is protected during transmission, but also to encrypt data at rest.

Privatise Business VPN is easy to deploy, scalable, engineered for SMBs and has automated advanced functions. Once it is up and running, it needs no alteration and comes with advanced tools for privacy management.

What are the risks of unsecured data communication?

Encrypted data communications software is an absolute necessity in today’s digital-first world where data is constantly under attack. Ensuring your privacy online through the use of such software will protect you from cyber criminals and the risks online.

Loss of business data in transit
Without encrypted data communications software, any data transferred between devices via an unsecured network – public or home – can be accessed and stolen in transit.
Unauthorised monitoring
Public networks are usually unsecured, allowing anyone to connect. Providing the cyber criminal has the right tools and knowledge, they can monitor anyone on the network and view their data.
Rogue access and data interception

Anyone who has your device’s IP address can readily intercept your data. For example, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in some regions look at customer data for targeted ads – but rogue engineers at these ISPs could potentially access your data in transit and use it.

What information a VPN can protect

Conducting business activities on unsecured networks, such as those at hotels, cafes, airports and conferences, for example, presents a number of security risks. Personal data, login details, data in transit - all of this information could be exposed without the use of a VPN. With it, however, your online privacy and business information can be protected.
Privacy and online identity
Encrypted data communications software will help protect your privacy and online identity, as well as allow you to transfer data across your business’ private network without man-in-the-middle attacks or snooping.
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Data in transit
Any data transferred via the internet or between devices is encrypted: usernames, passwords, emails and other sensitive information that could be used to compromise you or your business is hidden behind the VPN.
User connection information
Finally, an encrypted data communications solution will protect your location and IP address, effectively showing your location as somewhere else in the world – preventing people from discerning your exact location.  
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Employees: The biggest cyber security threat to businesses

Small and medium businesses face a plethora of cyber security threats on a daily basis. But the biggest threat is closer to home than they think – their own employees. In our eBook we examine how employees are putting their company’s privacy at risk and investigate the steps that can be taken to mitigate the potential problems.
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