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BYOD security management to protect your business data

How can businesses manage the security aspects of BYOD culture

Bring your own device (BYOD) security management has become a major issue for modern businesses with the rise of mobile technology and the popularity of the gig economy culture.

1.4m British workers are now freelancers or contractors, each with their own device and requiring access to business information during a project.


With no guarantee that individual workers are deploying sufficient levels of protection on their device - or devices - businesses are potentially putting themselves at risk by granting unfettered access to their information.

Coupled with this BYOD culture, is the issue that many freelancers or contractors work from home, coffee shops or airports using public WiFi, which in itself is creating security challenges for businesses without the correct security measures like a solid, business VPN.

Relying on individuals to actively log in to a VPN is too risky for a business, especially when they may be communicating sensitive information – like payment details – with many freelancers or full-time staff using their own devices.

Even when employees do try to keep information safe, their privacy systems could be just inadequate or out of date, or not installed properly in the first place.

Our online encryption tool forms part of a rounded and robust BYOD security management system, providing secure communications between workers, remote workers and businesses to keep personal and business data secure and private.

The biggest risks to businesses from remote workers & the BYOD culture

BYOD is becoming more popular within businesses but without sufficient safeguards it can lead to issues, particularly when it comes to individuals and the measures they take to protect their own devices. Having a business VPN in place provides:

Endpoint mobile protection
Endpoint mobile protection
Centrally control VPN administration to ensure users have properly configured the software, it is up-to-date and being used correctly.
Host checking
Host checking
Verify device and user identity to ensure anyone or any device trying to access your business information is authorised to do so.
Managed flexibility
Managed flexibility

Protect every device and easily add new users and devices to your business’ VPN solution to ensure full flexibility and scalability of your workforce without compromising on security

Secure, but easy access
Secure, but easy access

Freelance workers don’t need training on how to use your Privatise Business VPN. Simply add them to the network and Privatise works in the background with upgrades happening automatically

Data interception
IT infrastructure

Protect and control how an employee interacts with business data and sensitive information on their device, significantly reducing the cyber-security risk to the businesses.

Online encryption software forms a pivotal part of remote working & BYOD security

Online encryption has always been important for businesses dealing with digital information, but perhaps never more so than today.

With so many workers using so many different devices across a range of networks and service providers, the need to create a central and secure point of entry for data and communication encryption is essential.

Online encryption software allows information and documents to be accessed and shared between employees no matter where they are or what device they are using, while ensuring that any information is fully encrypted and unreadable by cyber-attackers, even if the communication itself is intercepted.

Deploying online encryption software in a BYOD environment also removes the risk of employees not using the platform properly as the management is dealt with from a central point.

Rather than relying on employees to actively engage with the platform, our system enables employers to simply set the user up on the platform and then forget about it, with the platform operating automatically in the background, encrypting data communications and keeping businesses safe from cyber-attacks.

New users can simply be added to the business’ central account for the time they are needed and then removed again, and protection for their new devices added almost instantly.

Full BYOD security management

Secure every device and every employee with an easy to deploy VPN, ensuring every communication is secure no matter which devices your employees use

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Encrypt your communication
Your employees are dealing with and sharing sensitive business information all the time.  Robust online encryption software ensures all communications are encrypted and safe from cyber-criminals even if intercepted
Scale your security
Simply add new employees and devices to your business’ centralised online encryption software account and then let the encryption platform do the rest to keep your data communications secure at all times
A Privatise eBook

Employees: The biggest cyber security threat to businesses

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