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Privatise Business VPN

Why you need online encryption

Online Privacy Software built specifically for small and medium businesses

As modern business is much more mobile and reliant on the use and transfer of information online – using cloud-based solutions (Office 365, Google Drive or Dropbox for example) to manage important business documentation – the importance of data in transit encryption, which protects your data through the use of online encryption software, is more essential than ever.

Data in transit – or data in motion – refers to how you send information across any public network such as: the internet, or a public wifi or any medium that is not owned and managed by you and your company. Your data is potentially at risk as soon as it travels outside of your business’ local area network (LAN). That usually means anytime it travels outside of your business premises e.g, any time you use an externally hosted app or business software that you rent rather than own. The most common examples in today’s business are Cloud-based apps which involve you connecting via the internet to the world wide web – by definition a public, non-secure connection.

Data at rest, on the other hand, refers to inactive data stored on a hard drive, laptop, flash drive, archive or any other storage that is not moving across devices or a network.

Data is at risk from cyber criminals both when at rest and in transit and both of these risks need managing effectively. One of the big issues for businesses however is that while they may be aware of the risks to data at rest, the risk to data in motion may not be an obvious thing for them to think about.

The problem that small and medium-sized businesses face when it comes to data transit encryption is that many solutions on the market are not designed to meet their specific business needs. Consumer-grade data in transit encryption solutions do not provide the full suite of functionalities SMBs need to ensure online privacy, while enterprise-grade solutions are costly, complex and difficult to deploy.

As a result, SMBs are being forced to bring in solutions which do not match their specific requirements and offer little or no protection, utilising a number of different tools to manage online encryption, and are subsequently being left open to higher risk of attack from automated mass targeting of their data in transit.

Privatise Business VPN provides a powerful solution. Built from the ground up and designed and engineered specifically for SMBs. Privatise Business VPN delivers comprehensive protection for data in transit, greatly reducing the risks from attack and eliminating the more vulnerable areas for data interception.keeping essential information secure and safe from interception.


Protect your business’ data whenever, wherever with sophisticated encryption


A ‘set it and forget it’ solution for 24/7 protection that is easy to use and deploy

Secure communications
Secure communications

Keep your sensitive business communications private and secure on any network

Built for business
Built for business

An online encryption tool built for the SMB market that is simple, powerful and effective

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Employees: The biggest cyber security threat to businesses

Small and medium businesses face a plethora of cyber security threats on a daily basis. But the biggest threat is closer to home than they think – their own employees. In our eBook we examine how employees are putting their company’s privacy at risk and investigate the steps that can be taken to mitigate the potential problems.

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