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Privatise Business VPN

Business VPN service for staffing & recruitment agencies

Keep candidate and client data safe online with a business VPN service

For most businesses, their most valuable commodity is often their product or service. But for staffing and recruitment agencies, it’s the candidate data they hold.

The fact is that the agency with the most developed and quality database will naturally secure the most positions, so recruiters spend a large amount of time keeping candidate information up to date, as well as safe and secure. .

In the past, staffing and recruitment agencies, especially smaller ones, spent years building these comprehensive databases, storing candidate and client information in filing cabinets onsite.

Nowadays, however, most of that information is stored digitally or online. But while recruiters have access to tools which enable them to access and store candidate information remotely, it’s also become much easier for cyber criminals to access and steal it if recruiters do not use a business VPN service.

The ease with which cyber criminals can steal this information comes down to the fact that whilst recruiters work remotely – often before or after client/candidate interviews – they sit in cafes, coffee shops or train stations to take advantage of the free public WiFi on offer, not using any kind of business VPN service to encrypt data.

The problem, however, is that these public networks are inherently insecure: they require no form of authentication, meaning anyone can connect and, with the right tools, potentially access other devices on the network. So the moment a recruiter logs into their candidate management portal using their password and username – cyber criminals could have access as well. Furthermore, many recruiters lack a business VPN service designed specifically for staffing and recruitment agencies to keep their data safe.

And considering candidate management portals have candidate names, addresses, birthdays, contact details, payment information, photos, references, academic history – if recruiters use these unsecured public networks, all of that information can potentially be seen, accessed and stolen by cyber criminals, all without the recruiter knowing. Without a business VPN service for staffing and recruitment agencies, all of this information is at risk – and as its personal data, these businesses could find themselves facing massive GDPR fines in the event of a data breach. Find out more about the GDPR data security risks facing staffing and recruitment agencies.

Using this information, cyber criminals can commit further acts: impersonation, fraud, blackmail and much, much more. It’s not impossible for cyber criminals to set up fake accounts, acquire financial details and deal lasting damage to the candidates and clients recruitment and staffing agencies work with.

The risks to recruitment agencies without a business VPN service

Recruiters working remotely need to be incredibly careful. It’s all too easy for cyber criminals to connect to unsecured WiFi networks and access the information being transmitted by devices connected to it. Without a business VPN service for recruitment and staffing agencies, recruiters expose themselves to a number of risks.

Loss of applicant information
Recruitment agencies have a plethora of valuable information hackers can leverage to impersonate victims, conduct fraud or blackmail candidates and/or clients
Compromised candidate databases
The moment a recruiter connects to an unsecured connection and then connects to the candidate management system using their information, cyber criminals have their log-in details too
Massive fines
Under GDPR, if a candidate management system or database is breached, all of the information contained within it is at risk and must be reported to the ICO. Any breach will also have devastating effects on an agency’s reputation
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Benefits of a Business VPN service for staffing and recruitment agencies

With the massive repositories of information that recruitment agencies have and recruiters often working remotely, having some form of business VPN for staffing and recruitment agencies, such as Privatise Business VPN, will ensure that activities online are kept private – and that information is encrypted.

Protect candidate data on the go
No need to be concerned about if your data (and your candidates’ or clients’ data) is protected as Privatise Business VPN is always on
No need to log
Privatise Business VPN uses advanced public key infrastructure (PKI) authentication to validate devices. No passwords or usernames required
Easily deployed to personal devices
Enlisting an in-house IT team to manage the business VPN service is not necessary. Privatise can be deployed and installed onto devices via email invite
Keep correspondence private
Worried if your correspondence with candidates or clients is being monitored? Privatise Business VPN encrypts data being sent to and from your device
Securely access information
With Privatise Business VPN creating a secure link between your device and your candidate management portal, no information can be intercepted or deciphered
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