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Business VPN service for non-profit organisations

Non-profit organisations consider themselves unlikely to be attacked by cyber criminals

Many non-profit organisations (NPOs) consider themselves unlikely to experience a cyber attack, but the value of the data many of them hold, even smaller charities, makes them prime and vulnerable targets for cyber criminals.

While cyber security has always been important for NPOs, usually much of their budget is allocated to areas like communication and networking, which are considered key to fundraising and expansion, rather than cyber security.

The acquisition of a business VPN service for non profit organisations to keep data private and secure online is low down the list of priorities.

However, with the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the large fines it introduces for data breaches, protecting the information of customers has become even more essential for NPOs.

Find out more about the GDPR data security risks NPOs face.

A business VPN service for non-profit organisations should be the first consideration. NPOs store a tremendous amount of personally identifiable and sensitive information: names, addresses, ethnic origins, sexuality, political beliefs – not to mention banking information of donors and supporters – so a cyber attack or breach could potentially be devastating.

In addition to storing such information, a lot of the information is gathered via staff or volunteers on the ground. They conduct interviews, surveys, events and much more to obtain the information of participants and raise funds. Often, this information is collected via a mobile device or laptop – and as staff and volunteers often work in public areas, the only way they can upload that information is via the public WiFi networks available to them. But by using these public networks (most of which are unsecure) to access their database to manage, store and send information, they put that information at risk of being stolen by cyber criminals. A business VPN solution for non-profit organisations would address the risk but many overlook doing so!

Fact is that these organisations play a vital role in their communities and are trusted with storing the most sensitive information of customers and supporters – they have a responsibility to keep it safe. Non-profit organisations need to incorporate a business VPN service into their cyber security infrastructure if they want to keep information encrypted and private whilst employees work remotely.

The risks to small non-profit organisations without a business VPN service

Despite what they think, non-profit organisations face a real and present threat from cyber criminals. To counteract the threats posed, non-profit organisations need a business VPN service. Just a few of the risks they face are:

Stolen data
The sensitive data stored by NPOs makes them a prime target for cyber criminals
Compliance fines
The punitive punishment in GDPR could put many NPOs at severe risk
Identity theft
Data stored by NPOs is often confidential and could be used to instigate further crimes
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Benefits of a Business VPN service for non-profit organisations

By deploying a business VPN service, non profit organisations can protect their customers’ data when employees are working remotely, ensuring that data is safe from being stolen and avoid the fines now in place from GDPR

Built for small NPOs
Privatise Business VPN is built for deployment in small organisations, requiring no in-house IT team to deploy and install
No username or password
Your staff and new volunteers will no longer need to remember usernames and passwords
Deploy and run
Privatise Business VPN runs in the background, meaning volunteers and staff don’t need to worry about being protected online
Set up new users with ease
Add devices for volunteers or staff with the click of a button and expand it across your operation
Online protection
Protect your NPO’s info and the personal details of those you engage with through a business VPN service for non profit organisations
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