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Privatise Business VPN

Business VPN service for law firms

Could a business vpn service protect your law firm from cyber attack?

Cyber security is a critical business issue for law firms and, according to numerous sets of research, has been identified as the greatest challenge they face. In 2017 alone, the majority of UK law firms reported suffering at least one cyber attack in the previous year, according to PwC, and the threat is only growing.

As law firms regularly deal with commercially and personally sensitive information, such as client finances, documents relating to deals, intellectual property information, patents, key case evidence, criminal evidence, trade information, personal client information, and much more, any loss of data resulting from a cyber attack could result in prosecution, let alone financial penalties.

They also have a contractual obligation as per client litigation privilege to protect any confidential information (failure to do so could result in penalties imposed by the court) so the protection of this information when it’s accessed online is absolutely essential.

The problem, however, is that lawyers often work remotely; visiting clients to discuss legal cases either at the client’s home or a public location, filing documents at court, or working on the train when travelling to or from cases. In each instance, rather than carry the above documents around, lawyers make use of cloud-based tools to store and manage documents, and access these tools via the public WiFi provided in these locations.

But as public WiFi is unsecure, the moment anyone connects to the network, all of their information can be viewed and stolen by others on the network. Without a business VPN service for law firms, lawyers expose confidential information to cyber criminals on these networks.

If a cyber criminal was to gain access to this information, they could potentially blackmail a law firm and its clients, have money transferred to fake accounts, launch attacks against businesses using methods of direct fraud, compromise potentially vital case information, or worse.

So even if law firms have robust cyber security in place for the office – they need to have (at the very least) a business VPN service to protect employees when they are working remotely or at the courts.

The cyber security risks to law firms without a business vpn service

Earlier this year, Duncan Lewis, a national law firm, was a victim of a cyber attack. Hackers infiltrated the firm’s IT system and then tried to spread the data they obtained over social media. Without a business VPN service, law firms expose themselves to the following risks:

Data theft
Around 12% of law firms face daily attacks from cyber criminals, according to PwC, and the number of attacks continues to increase
Unsecure comms
Law firms regularly communicate sensitive case and client information which is tremendously valuable to cyber criminals
A law firm’s reputation is reliant on its ability to keep client data and information secure, and has a contractual obligation to do so
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Benefits of a business VPN for your law firm

By encrypting their online communications and investing in cyber security law firms can ensure they have a robust network which will not only protect them from cyber criminals, but also the information they store for their clients.

Ease of deployment
No need for in-house IT expertise. Privatise Business VPN can be deployed to all of your lawyers’ devices with one click
Reduced admin
Lawyers are always on the go and may forget to log into the prescribed business VPN. Privatise Business VPN is always on and requires no username or password
Simple interface

Easily manage your firm’s encryption from a single portal and user friendly interface and simplify your firm’s online encryption and security. Check who is using it at any time

Security from criminals
Online encryption isn’t about hiding sensitive information from the government but hiding that information from the prying eyes of criminals
Ensure sensitive information relating to a case or client is kept private and secure. As data is encrypted when using Privatise Business VPN, even if it’s intercepted, it can’t be used
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