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Business VPN service for accounting firms and financial advisors

Counter cyber risks to your accountancy firm with a business VPN service

Accountancy firms face a double-edged sword when it comes to cyber security; not only do they hold commercially sensitive information about their own business – they also hold financial information on dozens or hundreds of clients.

This information makes accountancy firms prime targets for cyber criminals, so they must take every action to ensure they are protecting the security of this commercial data. 

A key consideration in this process should be a business VPN service for accounting firms and financial advisors – but this is sometimes overlooked.

To meet expectations of regional and international clients, accountants and financial advisors are always on the go. They make themselves available around-the-clock, wherever, whenever, utilising their own home network or public WiFi networks when working remotely, to connect with clients or manage, update, compile and send important financial information.

However, by using these public WiFi networks (and even home networks that are unsecured) financial advisors expose crucial financial information to the eyes of cyber criminals lurking on these networks. Public WiFi networks are inherently unsecure – meaning anyone can connect and, with the right tools, siphon data from the other devices on the network. To keep activities on these networks private, accountancy firms and financial advisors need some form of business VPN.

Furthermore, not only is the information accountancy firms and financial advisors lucrative on its own, it can also be used to set up other, more sophisticated attacks like spear phishing (sending spoof emails with the aim of getting access to information) or whaling attacks (phishing attacks aimed at senior employees like the CEO or CFO).

Without a business VPN service designed for accountancy firms and financial advisors, it becomes an incredibly easy task for a cyber criminal to access the data finance professionals send over unsecured networks – and use that data to impersonate a senior director, have money transferred to a fake account, or access confidential trade data.

It could even be possible, depending on how much information an accountancy firm holds, for cyber criminals to forego the trouble of spear phishing information and simply engineer direct frauds using the data stored and served up to them by a weak security system.

The risks to accountancy firms and financial advisors

Falling victim to a cyber attack is devastating for an accountancy firm and is something they may never recover from. To protect employees working remotely, a business VPN service must be considered. Without it, they expose themselves to the following risks:

With the information held by accountancy firms, cyber criminals can easily engineer frauds and attacks against accountancy firms and their clients.
An accountancy firm which can’t protect its clients data will not be trusted. Protecting data whilst working remotely starts with a robust business VPN solution.
Data breach
By gaining access to an accountancy firm, cyber criminals can instantly access financial data belonging to the firm itself and the clients it caters to.
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Benefits of a Business VPN for your Accountancy Firm

By using a business VPN service designed for accountancy firms and financial advisors, firms can protect their own and clients’ data from cyber criminals

Data encryption
Secure and encrypt online data, transactions and communications to ensure sensitive, financial information remains safe.
Secure on the go
Ensure your business remains flexible by easily installing encryption on every device within your accountancy firm.
Remote access
Enable your employees to work locally or internationally without the worry that communications and data aren’t secure
Always on
Financial professions need not worry about having to turn the solution on prior to dealing with financial info – it’s always on in the background.
Scalable security
Simply add new employees or devices to your encryption network as your accountancy firm grows, ensuring continued security.
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