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Managed Service Providers
Privatise Business VPN

MSP finds success with Privatise VPN reseller offering

The situation

Our client, a small Managed Service Provider (MSP) and VPN reseller, was looking for a scalable, sophisticated and easy to manage and built-for-business online encryption solution which it could add to its service provision and offer to its customers, many of whom were small business owners.

Many of its customers had asked in the past if a business VPN solution was part of our client’s managed service provision. These customers were looking for an online encryption solution that was not only scalable and rapidly deployable, but also easy to configure and manage, as well as built specifically for small businesses. At the time, our client only provided traditional VPN services - services more applicable to a couple of devices - and didn’t offer any specific online encryption for small businesses. Realising the demand and business benefits of providing such a service, our client decided to look for a Business VPN solution - a solution designed specifically for SMBs and could deliver the functionality its clients required.

What was the challenge?

The challenge for our client was finding a solution that would best meet the needs of its small business customers. For many of its customers, BYOD culture was ingrained into the day-to-day running of their business. Many of their employees, whilst working remotely, would connect to the business’ secure network using unsecured public WiFi - introducing potential threats into the business.

An easy to use VPN solution

The other issue was finding a solution that was easy to use, configure and manage - our client understood that in order for its customers to use the VPN solution, it had to be almost seamlessly integrated and require minimal admin, otherwise the device management process would be a nightmare.

Our client had spent a long time researching the market looking for the right VPN solution and also wanted a provider with whom they could partner with to deliver the solution. It tried a number of online encryption solutions but, over time, found that all of the solutions were either difficult to configure and manage, or did not provide the necessary scalability or reporting that its customers needed.

No individual username and password required On a regular basis, customers would call in asking for help adding new devices and managing existing ones, as many of them had BYOD policies in operation. As a result, our client would spend a considerable amount of time on device administration; inviting, creating and authenticating new users (all with their own individual usernames and passwords), as well as trying to identify whether or not the solution was actively being used (of which it had no visibility because there was no centralised management).

Our client would later find out that a number of its customers’ employees were not using the VPN solution as they found the VPN interface difficult to use, whilst others simply forgot or “misplaced” their login information - a nightmare from a data security perspective.

Another issue our client encountered was scalability. Many of the available VPN solutions were unable to support multiple users, while other solutions were far too expensive and configuring them was time-consuming.

The solution – Enter Privatise Business VPN

Our client started looking for a Business VPN solution, one which was designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, which it could integrate into its service provision and resell to its clients. Having researched the market thoroughly, they found us, Appstractor, and our Privatise Business VPN product.

A VPN built for businesses

Having seen Privatise Business VPN in action and how it met and exceeded its needs, our client decided to partner with us, signing up to the highest level of the partner program in the process, and started to resell Privatise Business VPN to its small and medium-sized business clients.

Having partnered with us, our client was able to offer and install for its customers an online encryption solution that was easy to manage and use, scalable, sophisticated, and built specifically for small and medium-sized businesses.

Simple email activation Privatise Business VPN removed the administrative burden of deployment that had haunted our client for so long, and our client was able to deploy the solution to all of its customers’ business devices with no need for usernames, passwords or complicated configuration, thanks to built-in public key infrastructure (PKI) authentication. Also, new users could be added as and when necessary via a simple automated email invite, removing the need for time-consuming device authentication.

In addition, our client benefitted from Privatise Business VPN’s centralised device management and transparent compliance monitoring. With these features it could readily see which of its customers’ devices had the solution up and running, as well as those which were not using the solution. This way our client could easily identify issues and resolve them within minutes.

Finally, as the solution was always on and did not require users to log in, its customers’ business devices were protected around-the-clock, ensuring business communications online were encrypted and private.

Also, by signing up to the highest partner level in our program, our client not only benefits from being able to resell Privatise Business VPN to its customers, it also get access to our referral program where it can win extra business through lead referrals, undertake joint marketing campaigns, and partake in joint selling and management of key accounts to drive its own growth.

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