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Small financial services team
Privatise Business VPN

Small Business VPN Use Case - a financial services firm

The situation

Our client, a small but growing cloud-based financial services firm, was looking for an online encryption and privacy solution - a virtual private network (VPN) - that would not only keep its critical online business communications private and secure, but could also be configured and deployed to a growing number of devices.

The business owner and in-house IT administrator both recognised that a lot of employees were accessing the business’ secure network remotely, often using unsecured connections and their own devices to send and download sensitive business information.

What was the challenge?

With BYOD culture integral to the business - the majority of the business’ 20 employees often worked remotely using their own devices while connected to unsecured WiFi networks - the challenge was ensuring each individual device had an online encryption solution installed, and that employees actively used it whilst online.

Protect company data

Our client realised that, without a VPN solution in place, its employees would expose the business’ online activity and sensitive information to cyber criminals. It knew that the business’ network and employees would be susceptible to malware, man-in-the-middle attacks via unsecured networks, network intrusion, spoofing, information siphoning, and much, much more.

So our client needed an online encryption solution that was scalable, easy-to-deploy and provided some form of centralised management to minimise the administrative burden on the business’ sole IT administrator, as well as make it easy to add and authenticate new devices.

To that end, our client researched the market to find applicable solutions, and tried several “leading” online encryption tools, both consumer and enterprise-grade.

Dangers of unencrypted dataIt found that consumer-grade solutions were often difficult to expand and did not provide the necessary functionalities such as reporting, device monitoring, centralised device management and authentication, making them redundant for small or growing businesses.

Enterprise-grade solutions, on the other hand, were far too complex and required ongoing management and maintenance - a difficult task for the business’ single in-house IT administrator.

In addition, both consumer and enterprise-grade encryption solutions lacked transparent reporting functionality, making it difficult for the business’ in-house IT administrator to understand if it was being used - and if it was being used properly.

With all 20 employees using their own devices to access the business’ secure cloud remotely, each device needed to have the online encryption solution installed onto it and configured correctly. However, as employees would use simple usernames and passwords they used elsewhere, it quickly became apparent that using either solution would only introduce further security vulnerabilities.

The solution – Enter Privatise Business VPN

With all of this considered, our client instead looked for a dedicated small business VPN service - a solution designed specifically for small businesses and found us, Privatise Business VPN.

Centralised management Using Privatise Business VPN, our client was able to quickly install online encryption and privacy to all of the business’ devices in minutes. The online encryption solution required no additional configuration (as it was all automated and managed in the background) and devices could be managed from a single, central point. Future devices could be added into the solution without any issue, providing a fully scalable, built-for-business online encryption solution.

The in-house IT administrator added individual devices to the Privatise Business VPN solution and, thanks to sophisticated public key infrastructure (PKI) authentication, only whitelisted devices could actually use the solution to access the business’ network.

Unsecured wifi

Furthermore, a centralised management interface made it easy for the in-house IT administrator to quickly see what devices were connected and could access powerful reporting tools for ongoing monitoring and compliance.

As the solution was always on, both the business owner and in-house IT administrator did not have to worry about whether or not business data was protected whilst employees were online using unsecured connections (such as public WiFi). All network traffic is now encrypted and secure.Employees also benefited from how simple but 

powerful the solution was. The fact that devices were authenticated without the need for usernames or passwords relieved another burden, and non tech savvy users (i.e. the rest of the company) had no problems with it at all.

Using Privatise Business VPN, our client has been able to add an additional layer of online security, forming a key part of their multi-layer online security, as well as expand the solution across the enterprise. Our client no longer has any issues arising from employees using unsecured connections and all business data transferred via these connections is encrypted and secure.

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