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Privatise Business VPN 

Business VPN Features

Privatise Feature Summary

You appreciate the need to run a VPN app on all of your business’ devices – if just one employee fails to protect even one device your entire company’s security is at risk. 

Given the indifference of many employees to cyber security, along with their lack of technical understanding and motivation and the sheer administrative headache, it's inevitable that devices won’t be properly protected, opening up huge exposure to attack. 

Privatise Business VPN has been designed from the ground up for small businesses to ensure every device, for every employee is protected every time. 

The "secret sauce" to protecting your company isn't just adding more features to your VPN app - it's about understanding how modern organisations run, and the practicalities of deploying VPN apps in a small business environment. Dashboard - Laptop-1

Privatise Business VPN apps run on Windows, MacOS and Android, with iOS coming soon. 

They have all the same essential security features as any other VPN app. 

In addition, they have these small business-friendly benefits, so that you can rapidly and reliably deploy a VPN to every device used for company business:


Live Dashboard
  • Instantly see who is using the VPN, and on which of their devices, at anytime
  • Identify team members and devices that need attention to get them protected
  • Instant snapshot of how many users and devices are protected
  • Manage your team 
No usernames or passwords
  • Less friction for users to install the app on all their devices
  • Team members don't need to set (nor remember) usernames or passwords
  • Each team member is seamlessly authenticated using automated PKI so your business stays secure
  • Team members can seamlessly initiate install of the Privatise app on any of their devices themselves
  • No need to contact you or your IT Administrator
  • No bottlenecks and less work
Zero-click, Zero-configuration, always-on automation
  • No more worries that non-technical users won’t use the app correctly
  • Everything is taken care of for them
  • "Set and forget", just like your anti-virus software
One click install for every user, every device
  • No download pages, no confusion for non-technical users. One click and it’s done
Usage monitoring & reporting
  • Detailed reports let you home in on where and when gaps in your online encryption are occurring so they can be remedied quickly.
  • Set up groups of team members, and apply special settings only to them 
  • Selectively enable 'Change Geo' functionality in 12 countries, per user, per group or everyone 
  • Optionally enable Private Server with dedicated IP, per user, per group or everyone 
  • In-app 'chat style' Tech support - identify and resolve issues faster
A Privatise eBook

UNDER ATTACK: Assessing the struggle of UK SMBs against cyber criminals

Just how exposed are small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to cyber attack? What threats do they face? Are they even protected? In our independent market research report, ‘Under Attack: Assessing the struggle of UK SMBs against cyber criminals’, we take a look at just how exposed SMBs are, as well as how senior IT decision makers in SMBs feel about the current cyber security landscape.
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