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Privatise Business VPN

VPN deployment made easy

Online privacy in three steps

One of the main challenges small and medium-sized businesses have when it comes to deploying a VPN solution is scalability; typical consumer-based VPN Services are a management nightmare beyond two or three people. Even “Business VPN Services” are built on top of consumer VPN apps and can quickly turn into an administration headache. In addition, most employees insist on using their own devices for remote access, putting a greater burden on the business owner or the in-house IT administrator to deliver a flexible solution. 

Subsequently, the business ends up either modifying its device infrastructure, combining a series of disparate solutions to ensure all devices are able to connect to the business’ network, or – due to the complexity and cost of deploying the “VPN” solution – ends up doing nothing and does not deploy a robust privacy solution, exposing the business’ online communications, which is far more dangerous.  

Ultimately, VPN deployment needs to be easier if small and medium-sized businesses are to ensure not only privacy and security online, but also business performance. Having an easy-to-deploy solution that can facilitate the addition of new employees and devices to the network will drive business performance, improve privacy, and lay the foundation for more robust and comprehensive online security in the future.

Privatise Business VPN ensures your data is secure and that VPN deployment is made easy, giving SMBs the security, flexibility and the means to manage and add new devices to the business’ IT infrastructure in real-time.

How it works

Before you can use the Privatise Encryption Software on your device, you first need to be invited into a team by your administrator who will be managing the solution for your business. The administrator will invite you from the Central Admin Portal which will then trigger the first invite email.
One click download and install
One click download and install
To get started, all you need to do is click the “Install” button from the Invite email.  No need to choose OS or device type, it’s all handled automatically - even on App Stores.
Start – no need to even authenticate
Start – no need to even authenticate
A security certificate – specific to your device – is automatically downloaded the first time Privatise starts up and assigned to your device, and all of your security credentials come with the downloaded set up bundle.  You never need to remember a username and password – eliminating an obvious and big security weakness from regular VPN solutions.
Deploy to all user devices
Deploy to all user devices
You can deploy the Privatise client app on every one of your devices, by clicking on “Install” from the same email on each of your other devices. Even without the email, once you have Privatise running on just one of your devices, you can easily get Privatise on another device by clicking “Activate a Device” from the app, or by entering your email on our website.  Either of these options will automatically send a new email to you which will allow you to install Privatise on another device.
A Privatise eBook

Dispelling the cyber security delusion in small businesses

Online encryption and identity theft protection are essential for businesses. In our latest eBook we examine how small and medium businesses can deploy VPN and online encryption to keep their information and sensitive data secure.

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