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Privatise Business VPN

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) authentication

Why usernames and passwords are a detriment to your business’ online encryption

When it comes to your business’ online privacy and overall security management, relying on individual employees to remember usernames and passwords to actively deploy online encryption is too risky. After all, your employees would be your business’ biggest risk!

Asking your employees to remember passwords for yet another IT system – a system which they may not understand or care about – fundamentally diminishes your business’ cyber security. Most – if not all – consumer-grade VPN solutions force users to have individual usernames and passwords. The problem here is that many users will end up either using a weak password, the same password they use elsewhere, or will resort to just writing it down. In addition to this, as every employee has their own login details, all it takes is for one employee’s details to be intercepted and stolen for a hacker to easily access the business’ communications and masquerade as someone else. Keeping your business’ attack vector (areas where an unauthorised user can try to enter and extract data) as small as possible is a basic security measure. While you might think that you are making your business’ online communications more secure by using a consumer-grade VPN – you are actually unwittingly introducing a major security weakness.

However, with Privatise Business VPN's built-in automated PKI authentication, you have a powerful solution to protect your business data and security online without having to remember multiple usernames and passwords.

Requiring absolutely no knowledge of PKI infrastructure or complex set up, Privatise’s automated and easy-to-use PKI authentication allows you to manage your business’ online encryption from a central master account, removing the need for employees to remember usernames and passwords.

Also, with Privatise’s automated PKI authentication, your online encryption is always running. Advanced algorithms work behind the scenes to manage parameters and authenticate devices, ensuring that you never unwittingly introducing a new security weakness.

How it works

Privatise Business VPN works in the background and is always on while the sophisticated built-in PKI authentication means employees no longer need to remember usernames or passwords. You simply deploy and oversee your business’ online encryption from your master account.

One click install – every user, every device
One click install – every user, every device
Once your administrator has set up Privatise and invited you from the Central Admin Portal, you will receive an email with an installation link. Additional devices can be added to Privatise using the same email – or a new email can be sent by your administrator.
Automatic authentication
Automatic authentication
As soon as you install Privatise, a security certificate that is unique to you is downloaded to your device and includes all your security credentials. You never need to remember a username or password an everything is done automatically.
Always-on protection
Always-on protection
Once you set up Privatise and sign in, there’s nothing extra to validate or approve, so unless you turn it off, you can rest assured that your communications online are always protected.
A Privatise eBook

Dispelling the cyber security delusion in small businesses

In this eBook we explain why small businesses need to take security seriously and address the very real challenges associated with deploying and managing the complex, multi-tiered security models required to safeguard businesses.
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