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Privatise Business VPN

Centralised Business VPN management

Manage your business VPN from a single point to maximise data security and privacy

Setting up online encryption and managing it as an SMB can be a complicated task, especially given that current solutions are not designed with small businesses in mind.

As a direct result, businesses are being forced to shoehorn consumer or enterprise VPN platforms into their business models to address online privacy and security issues.

With no centralised administration to oversee the implementation and adoption of the VPN solution across the enterprise, businesses are reliant on individual employees to deploy the VPN on their devices and have no idea whether or not they have done so, and if they are actively using it.

Without the ability to oversee whether a VPN is fully deployed across all devices, businesses could be put at risk and never know it until long after they have been targeted.

With Privatise’s online encryption management, however, a business’ entire encryption network can be managed from a single master account with full visibility and transparency. New employees can be easily added to the management portal when needed, and their devices are added automatically. Dashboard summaries and detailed usage reports enable compliance, regardless of where your employees are working. In addition to this, Privatise’s centralised billing portal also offers full transparency over the administration and management of the solution ensuring your business is always in control.

Featuring robust controls to ensure and manage online privacy and to protect your business’ online communications, Privatise’s online encryption management solution is perfect for fast-growing businesses looking for a sophisticated online privacy protection.

How it works

Centrally manage your online encryption
Centrally manage your online encryption
Manage your online encryption from a single master account with full device visibility and usage reports for ongoing compliance.
Easily scalable
Easily scalable
New devices and users can be added to the business’ VPN as and when needed without the need to actively deploy the solution themselves.
Flexible business solution
Flexible business solution
Simplify payments with a flexible central billing system with comprehensive support options and sophisticated tools for compliance to fit your business’ unique business needs.
A Privatise eBook

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