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Privatise Business VPN

A VPN solution built for business use

A VPN solution built specifically for your small business

The problem with current VPN solutions is that they are not built with small and medium-sized businesses in mind. Consumer-grade VPN solutions, while accessible, often require additional components to deliver necessary functionalities, whilst enterprise-grade solutions are costly and far too complex to set up.

For a workforce that almost demands the ability to work from anywhere, anytime, the progress in protecting small and medium businesses with a VPN has been worryingly slow. Most VPN solutions still require users to take specific actions in order for it to function properly – things like starting the VPN solution when the user turns on their device or changing their IP address to use it, for example. In the event that a user forgets to take these necessary steps prior to connecting to the business’ secure network, the business’ privacy and security could be compromised.  

Privatise’s VPN solution, however, has been engineered and developed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. It automatically protects all of your business’ online communication through sophisticated encryption and hides your location information, making it incredibly difficult for cyber criminals to access data being transferred.  

Privatise’s VPN solution also manages devices from a single, central account – managed by your administrator – minimising points of entry as individual authentication is no longer required and improving your overall security as individual login details cannot be compromised. Privacy protection can be easily added to all of your business’ devices at any time – and almost instantly – and you have access to reporting dashboards for complete transparency on device usage.

Once set up, Privatise will operate automatically in the background, ensuring your online business communication, privacy and devices are always protected.   

How it works

Protect every device
Protect every device
Easily add and remove devices and employees from a central account ensuring all your business’ data communications are protected no matter which device is used.
Automated upgrades and adjustments
Automated upgrades and adjustments
Employees no longer have to activate safety measures with upgrades and adjustments taking place automatically in the background, taking the hassle and risk out of protecting your business’ data.
Built for business
Built for business

No more having to extend a consumer solution or modify an enterprise platform. A VPN that is engineered to be used specifically for SMBs, so owners can concentrate on growing their business rather than protecting it online.

A Privatise eBook

Dispelling the cyber security delusion in small businesses

In this eBook we explain why small businesses need to take security seriously and address the very real challenges associated with deploying and managing the complex, multi-tiered security models required to safeguard businesses.
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