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Business VPN Service Designed for Small Businesses

A VPN Service can only protect your business’s private data if it is deployed on every device your employees use.

All it takes is a few employees to not activate the VPN on a few devices to expose your company to great risk!

Privatise Business VPN is a VPN Service designed specifically for fast, effective deployment in a small business environment.

Every employeeEvery device.

1-click install.  0-click configuration.  No usernames.  No passwords.  All automated with built-in compliance monitoring.

Try Privatise Business VPN now and get three months of free unlimited access.

Live Dashboard

As well as the standard VPN features, Privatise Business VPN has a central team dashboard for device monitoring, compliance and reporting.

Team Administrators can instantly see:
  •  Which team members have Privatise installed
  •  Which of their devices it is installed on
  •  If it is active or, otherwise, when it was last used,

helping you ensure online privacy is in effect across your business.

Easily invite new users and initiate automated deployment to devices.

Protect your Team Account with two-factor authentication.

Initiate Automated Installs by Inviting Your Team with one email

Privatise’s driving principle is that installation of the VPN app is frictionless and effortless, so that all team members - regardless of technical ability or motivation - install and use it properly.

Privatise Business VPN allows you to send team invites one by one or in bulk.

With 1-click accounts are created and authenticated automatically in the background, ensuring a simple and secure install.

You can also nominate different team members as Team Administrators or Billing contacts.

Painless 1-click Install to any Device

Simple business data security – even for your least techie employees.

With Privatise Business VPN, employees simply have to open a personalised email sent to their device, click the “Install” button and that’s it.

The VPN app will install and initiate automatically without the need for visiting multiple pages, reading instructions and manually installing anything.

This means even your least-techie employees will be able to easily install the Privatise app on all of their devices.

Best of all, there are no usernames or passwords to remember!

Privatise manages automated install, identification and authentication behind the scenes.

Streamlined Self-Service Activation

If an employee deletes or can’t find the Activation email, they can send themselves a new link from within the App already running on a device they own.

No need to involve you or your Team Administrators = no bottlenecks to getting the VPN app installed.

Even if Privatise Business VPN isn’t installed on their other devices, employees can just use the self-service activation link on the Privatise login page.

Restrict or Grant Extra Functionality to Groups

Another of Privatise’s driving principles is that a VPN app is first and foremost a privacy tool, to be used as part of a multi-layered approach to cyber security.

Since most employees are not cyber security savvy, the privacy tools they use need to run in the background, be unobtrusive and not require any actions by them. Business Anti-virus software is a good example.

Typical VPN apps have lots of functions and lure users into interacting with the app for it to work properly.

This is high risk when it comes to the average employee who likely has little tech knowledge and less motivation to learn about the app.

For those who need extra functionality from the Business VPN, you can just create Groups and grant more advanced functionality specifically for them, while hiding it by default for everyone else.

Customize Geo Settings

Simplicity for small business is at the heart of Privatise’s Business VPN design and, as most businesses’ primary need for a VPN is data privacy, Privatise operates in “privacy first” mode by default.

What does that mean?

Users are auto-connected to the optimal VPN server in their own country, so they have no need to deal with connections, servers, IPs, pings, latency and other issues common with VPNs.

As a result, Privatise runs silently in the background as soon as a device is turned on so users don’t have to give the app a single thought.

Your team’s power users can still choose which Geo to connect to if they want to or, optionally, all Geos apart from your business’ home country can be turned off for all or some of your team to suit your business’ needs.

Why is this beneficial?

It removes a layer of complexity for users who don’t need this feature, keeping the tool simple to use and removing any scope for misuse.

Rather than fiddling around with complicated settings, Privatise finds the best connections to ensure optimal performance and security at all times.

Selectively Enable Dedicated VPN Servers

Some customers have sensitive Cloud software that needs additional security, such as restricting access to a set of whitelisted IP addresses.

When employees access this Cloud software from their office, which has a fixed IP address on their router, access is granted.

Access is denied to anyone else.

However, employees needing to access this software from home or outside the office will always be getting a different IP address so will not always be able to access the software they need.

Privatise solves this for you.

With Privatise Business VPN you spin up a dedicated Privatise VPN server instance with a fixed IP address for your company’s exclusive use, and then whitelist that IP address with your Cloud software.

When your users run Privatise on their device, they automatically connect to the dedicated server, acquire the whitelisted address for their device and gain access to your Cloud software.

As an additional security measure, you can restrict access to only the group(s) of team members that need it.

Privatise is more secure than other VPN Services that have similar functionality as Privatise isn’t vulnerable to users’ weak passwords.

Regular VPN service providers depend on users setting their own passwords, which is inherently insecure. All a hacker needs to do is connect to your VPN service provider with a user’s hacked credentials, acquire your fixed IP address, and your Cloud software security is fundamentally compromised.

Privatise by design ensures robust security for business users, using VPN authentication through the use of unique security certificates, which is far stronger than relying on passwords.

Best of all, the security certificates are managed automatically behind the scenes so neither you nor your users need to worry about it.

Compliance Reporting

Run reports, per user, per group, or for everyone, to check for compliance across the business.

For example, your business’ data is at particular risk when employees use public Wi-Fi, like those on rail stations or in coffee shops.

With Privatise Business VPN you can focus in on specific dates and times to check employees were protected when using a public Wi-Fi network.

Privatise VPN Logging Policy

The Privatise Business VPN solution is predicated on the understanding that the operational deployment of a privacy solution for a small business is very different than for individual consumers and large organisations.

Large businesses with IT departments, knowledgeable staff and big budgets can implement sophisticated expensive solutions.

Consumers can focus on individual features of a regular VPN Service.

The biggest challenge for a small business is getting their staff to use a VPN Service at all!

Many employees are scared of new software, or don’t understand it. This leads to them not using software properly or not installing it at all on their device. This resistance only grows when it comes to installing software on multiple devices.

For businesses there is also the amount of administration of distributing the software to everyone, and on to all their devices, and managing passwords, and support.

In practice it means in a small company, many employees’ devices will be left unprotected – leaving your company’s online security looking like swiss cheese.

The Privatise imperative is to get every device for every employee protected!

The Privatise architecture has been designed from the ground up to facilitate ease of deployment – and compliance – in an environment without expert IT support, and where many users will be non-technical and/or not motivated to install and run a VPN.

The Privatise Live Dashboard and Compliance Reports are core foundations to implement this philosophy.

To make this happen, it is a technical necessity to log your users’ session data.

By default, we retain 30 days of session data, after which it is automatically deleted.

In the Advanced Settings, your Team Administrator can opt to change this to any number between 1 and 30 days.

We never log “content”, ie we will never log the sites you visit or the apps you use.

A Privatise eBook

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