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Privatise Business VPN

WHAT IS PRIVATISE business vpn?

Empower your SMB with efficient and effective online privacy to ensure security

When it comes to online privacy and computer security for businesses, the best approach is multi-layered – and a key component in multi-layered online security is online encryption. Typically delivered through a VPN solution, online encryption software can help to keep business communication private online.

There are, of course, many solutions on the market to choose from; the issue, however, is that many of these solutions are not built with small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in mind. Complex, enterprise-grade online encryption software, for example, is often costly and out of reach for most SMBs. These solutions require a considerable amount of configuration to set up, often requiring ongoing management to ensure optimal performance (a drain on an SMBs’ resources) and a dedicated IT department (something which most SMBs don’t have) to ensure compliance and to manage employee devices. In addition to this, these solutions may not necessarily fit seamlessly into the rest of the business’ security infrastructure.

First and foremost, consumer-grade VPN solutions do not provide any form of centralised device management and user authentication; each employee has their own login credentials and might use weak passwords or passwords they use elsewhere. If their log in credentials are compromised, anyone can access the business’ communications and you will have no idea of who is actually using the VPN.

unsecured wifi-01
Secondly, businesses have to keep track of whether or not the software has been installed on a user’s device, if it has been configured for business needs, and if employees are using the software correctly or even at all! Some employees might forget to turn on the VPN solution prior to connecting to the business’ cloud, for example, leaving business communications open – or worse still, they might use their own personal device.
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Finally, if you want to add more devices to the VPN solution, more log in credentials need to be created and shared, and employees need to be trained on how to use it properly. Furthermore, employees might use the VPN solution for things outside of the business’ prescribed functions. All of this leads to a maintenance and management nightmare and most SMBs do not have the time or an in-house IT administrator or IT department to “sort it out”.

Built specifically for SMBs

The problems around enterprise-grade VPNs and consumer-grade VPNs are clear – and with the current market solutions failing to meet the needs of SMBs, some SMBs are being forced to adapt or administer unsuitable solutions, combining general online encryption solutions to meet business needs. The vast majority for SMBs, however, instead “do nothing” – and do not have online encryption in place to protect business communications and ensure privacy online.

As cyber attacks become more common and complex, businesses need a solution that is not only flexible, scalable and easily managed which can also deliver enterprise-grade online encryption to protect business data, devices and employee privacy online, all with minimal input and without impeding business operations.

Our Solution

Privatise Business VPN is engineered specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, removing the complexity of integrating general VPN solutions, and empowers SMB owners with the exact functionality they need to ensure robust data privacy and security.

As the solution has been designed to protect SMBs, it does not need to be modified or altered in any way to meet business needs. Every device on the network is managed through a single, centralised management portal, providing complete transparency over what devices are connected to and using the VPN; sophisticated, built-in PKI authentication allows you to manage the authentication and log in of devices from a central master account, meaning your employees don’t need to remember usernames or passwords, and new devices can be easily added as and when necessary, providing a flexible and scalable business VPN solution.

Built for Businesses

Privatise has been designed and built architecturally for small and medium-sized businesses and is a flexible business VPN solution. It includes optional tools for compliance and different roles can be assigned to employees, allowing you to adapt the solution to fit your business’ online privacy and security needs.

- A business VPN
- Built for SMBs
- Compliance

Centralised Management

Unlike consumer-grade VPNs that have no central device management, billing portal or dashboard to provide transparency over device usage, Privatise Business VPN brings all of these solutions under one roof. You can manage your devices, user credentials, billing, device authentication and management easily from one location. This kind of configuration can also improve compliance as device usage can be monitored and reports can readily be accessed.

One centralised platform for device credentials and authentication
- Centralised billing, support & optional tools for compliance
Flexible, always-on privacy and security

Easy Deployment

Rather than needing to enlist a private contractor to help you manage your IT infrastructure and integrate your VPN solution into it, Privatise Business VPN is easy-to-use and straightforward. The setup is smooth & frictionless and the advanced algorithms within the software work behind the scenes to automate and adjust specific parameters that other platforms would ask you to do yourself.

- Easy to use
- Straightforward
- Smooth operation

Enterprise-wide Access & Device Protection

Privatise Business VPN lets you manage your entire team’s security from a central company account. You and your employees never need to make or remember usernames or passwords and privacy protection can be added seamlessly to every device for every employee – whenever, wherever.

- Centrally managed accounts
- No need to remember usernames
- No need to remember passwords
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A Privatise eBook

Dispelling the cyber security delusion in small businesses

In this eBook we explain why small businesses need to take security seriously and address the very real challenges associated with deploying and managing the complex, multi-tiered security models required to safeguard businesses.
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