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Privatise Business VPN

Online Encryption Software for SMBs


What is the Privatise Business VPN?

Privatise Business VPN delivers sophisticated, built-for-business online privacy protection, allowing you to encrypt your online communications between your device and the server or network you are connected to.

Unlike other online encryption software available on the market, Privatise Business VPN is designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) – providing all the necessary functions businesses need to ensure online privacy - a critical cybersecurity component.

With the Privatise Business VPN, you get a robust, privacy protection solution that is scalable, easy to use and set up, and will protect your business’ devices and network around the clock.



Privatise Business VPN installed on different devices
Privatise Partner Program
Offer your customers a critical layer of online security and grow your revenue and your margins too by becoming a Privatise Business VPN Partner.

What makes Privatise Business VPN unique?

The Privatise Business VPN has been designed and built from the ground up to provide a practical VPN solution for small and medium businesses.

Privatise Business VPN lets you manage your business’ online privacy from a single point with no need for users to remember usernames and passwords while providing transparent oversight to ensure the product is deployed effectively.

One click install every user, every device

One click install every user, every device

no usernames or passwords

No staff usernames or passwords

Zero click always-on

Zero click always-on

Compliance monitoring

Compliance monitoring

Zero  Configuration

Zero configuration

How can the Privatise Business vpn protect your business?

Protecting your business’ privacy online is absolutely essential, but finding a solution that is designed to meet the business’ specific privacy needs is a challenge.

Many VPN solutions on the market are not designed with SMBs in mind; consumer-grade VPNs provide no form of centralised device management and user authentication, and each employee has their own set of login credentials. Enterprise-grade solutions, on the other hand, are costly, complex and difficult to set up - all of which can be difficult for the business’ in-house IT administrator and typically require a dedicated IT department to manage.

Privatise Business VPN however, provides the necessary features SMBs need to ensure privacy across the enterprise - and removes the IT complexity associated with managing both consumer and enterprise-grade VPN solutions.



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While offering online encryption for SMB clients has become imperative for MSPs, the problem is that the existing solutions are difficult to manage and have not been designed for SMBs. Find out how the Privatise Business VPN solves that problem.  

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