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MSP VPN resellers: meet the needs of your clients with Privatise

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Find out how MSPs can use Privatise's VPN solution to ensure online encryption for their SMB clients in our free eBook for VPN resellers.


Small and medium-sized businesses are a prime target for cyber criminals and many lack the software or resources to protect themselves properly - leaving them vulnerable.

Many SMBs, trying to shore up their defences, turn to managed service providers (MSPs) that resell VPN solutions to help them with their cyber security and online encryption.

However, despite the diverse portfolio of cyber security and online encryption software available, many are designed for individual consumers or large corporations so cannot be easily deployed within an SMB environment.

What to expect from reading this eBook

In this eBook, we explain how the Privatise Online Encryption solution can help MSPs which resell and manage VPN solutions to:

Protect clients with an encryption platform designed for their needs
Provide a scalable “on the go” online encryption solution for clients
Make the deployment of online encryption for clients easy and straightforward, as well as provide around-the-clock protection
Online encryption - no commercial benefit
Expand and grow their own service offering with a truly unique online encryption solution through the partnership programme

For individual businesses, deploying and managing one of these shoehorned solutions can be a headache – but for an MSP, reselling and managing VPNs for dozens or hundreds of clients, can quickly become an overwhelming and ultimately unmanageable situation.

But surely there’s an online encryption/VPN solution MSPs can resell to clients that is scalable, powerful, easy to configure and designed specifically for SMBs?

There is. It’s called Privatise Online Encryption.

If you want to find out more about the Privatise Online Encryption solution and how it can help MSPs to expand their VPN service offering and grow their business, click the button below to download our free eBook.