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Introducing PrivatiseZ (Privatise Over WireGuard)

We are excited to introduce today the deployment of PrivatiseZ. Our version of WireGuard® on Privatise Windows apps.

This is especially useful for customers on ISP’s like Virgin Media UK and where OpenVPN & IPSec are pretty clearly throttled from our experience. It’s also useful for more rural places in the US, UK, and Australia since PrivatiseZ provides less latency loss on average.

Lastly, it means less need for whitelisting & split tunneling, as there are few websites that block the WireGuard protocol in 2020.

This is another step in Privatise’s unyielding journey to provide the best experience and most comfort possible while connected to our Remote Office Cluster (ROC) network, while still providing the best security possible.

 “WireGuard” is a registered trademark of Jason A. Donenfeld. “

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