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Why are so many small and medium businesses so worryingly unprotected against cyber attacks?

Deploying Cyber Security for Small Businesses

Understand why you need to take online security seriously as a small business and address the very real challenges associated with deploying and managing the complex security models required to safeguard your business.


It is time to wake up; small business cyber security threats are real and getting worse. Businesses of all sizes are at risk in today’s global, online economy.

Cyber criminals are seeking the quick wins - the easy pickings. Receiving £10,000 from a hundred companies at a time; it adds up fast!

So, if hackers are receiving £10,000 for an hour’s work, why wouldn’t they actively target under protected businesses?

And what could be easier than a small business that believes they are irrelevant and will not be targeted as part of a mass surveillance activity?

Many small businesses are still operating without online encryption. Our eBook outlines the importance of deploying cyber security, exploring in detail:

app security-01.svg

Why your business is vulnerable to criminals and fraudsters who are using automated technology to target small businesses.

BYOD security-01.svg

How to address the complexity of cyber security and the online encryption products available.

Flexible business solution-01.svg

How you can overcome the administrative burden of deploying online encryption.

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Don’t let your next sale fly away; keep your visitors on-site with this overlay template featuring a secondary call to action

Up until now, there’s been a fair split in the market between top end products designed for large organisations and a mass of consumer-focused products designed for individual usage. Yet, these fail to address the specific requirements of small businesses out there.

If you want more information on available small business cyber security solutions, complete the form below to download our eBook.