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cyber threats in professional services LP

Can professional services survive today’s growing cyber threats?

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We examine how exposed small professional service firms feel to the growing threat of cyber threats. Download our report to uncover what our research reveals.


In the crosshairs: professional services facing increasing cyber threats

Professional service firms are the guardians of their clients’ most sensitive commercial information and cyber criminals know it. But how serious is the cyber threat level facing these small professional service businesses?

What to expect from reading this report

In this report we examine the thoughts of IT decision makers within small professional service firms in the UK to better understand their fears and frustrations when it comes to the risks they face from cyber threats and whether they are able to protect themselves.

How often small professional service firms are being targeted by criminals
How seriously professional service firms are taking their cyber defences
unecrypted data-01
Whether current security software is capable of keeping firms protected from cyber threats
How new regulations like GDPR have impacted data protection policies

Finally, we will examine how important cyber security knowledge and awareness has become in the recruitment process of small Professional Service firms and whether candidates with less knowledge are now at a disadvantage over their more aware counterparts; and whether businesses themselves are doing enough to make their employees aware of the cyber threat landscape.