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Get to know the team

About us


Appstractor Corporation is home to the next generation of simple, innovative technology securing online privacy for your employees & your automated data intelligence

Founded by Paul Rosenthal in 2010, Appstractor Corporation (formerly Trusted Web Services) quickly became an industry leader for Search & Digital Marketing Professionals depending on our software and services to quickly and safely generate data and analytics for their own clients and for their own research.


Trusted Proxies

Our original brand, Trusted Proxies, provides Enterprise Class Private Proxy Servers that are fast, secure and reliable and designed specifically for the “White Hat” Search Engine & Digital Marketing and Intelligence industries.


Privatise Business VPN

The Privatise Business VPN solution is the first internet privacy protection tool developed specifically to meet the practical needs of small and medium businesses.

The Privatise Business VPN solution came from Paul’s frustration with the current VPN and encryption software offerings on the market which were not geared towards small and medium sized businesses, leaving them instead to rely on adapting and enhancing small scale consumer products, or large scale enterprise solutions, which were more suited to large corporations or government departments in their security and protection needs.

Unlike the current solutions, Privatise allows SMB owners to manage all of their privacy requirements from a central portal – rather than relying on individual employees to deploy the solution themselves – ensuring that every device and every employee is protected at all times from intrusion, interference and cyber-criminals.

Meet the Management Team


Paul Rosenthal

Founder & CEO

Paul Rosenthal is the founder and CEO of Appstractor Corporation, the company behind Trusted Proxies and Privatise Business VPN. He started the business from his living room in 2010 after growing frustrated at the lack of practical support online privacy and anonymity for SMBs and software developers.

Claudiu Ciungan

Claudiu Ciungan

Sys Admin Manager

Claudiu Ciungan is Appstractor’s Sys Admin Manager. He has 10+ years of experience managing Linux based systems, for both web hosts and in-house. He specialises in administrating SaaS environments, and loves automating procedures and systems.

Rafi Ozick

Rafi Ozick

Software Engineering Manager

Rafi Ozick is the programming team leader at Appstractor. He is a veteran software developer and architect with experience in languages like Node.js, Python, PHP, Java and more. He was previously the programming team leader at an Israeli startup in Jerusalem.

Paul Holmes

Paul Holmes

Strategic Accounts Manager

Despite his youthful looks, Paul has been a tech geek since Betamax was hip and happening. Along with a tangible passion for ensuring customer happiness and many years of account management under his belt, Paul is ideally positioned to manage our customers, enabling their success deploying tech solutions in their companies.