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Employees – the biggest cyber security threats to business

Businesses face a plethora of cyber security issues today.

But did you know that remote working, public WiFi, and your own employees, are some of the main sources of risk?

Our latest eBook investigates how employees have become the biggest security threat to UK businesses and provides advice on how you can tackle the following challenges.

The risks of mobile working

In the eBook, we explore how the agile nature of business operations in today’s world, the rise of remote working and increasing use of freelancers is opening businesses up to risk.

It’s highly likely that while working remotely, whether they are a full-time employee or freelancer, they are accessing and sharing business sensitive information via personal, unprotected devices.

Staff members are not following cyber security protocols that have been put in place and they’re not configuring security software properly (or maybe not installing it at all), and they may not be following data security best practice.


The threat of public WiFi

Did you know that skilled criminals can intercept information via a public network, and that fake WiFi hotspots are prevalent, especially in places like railway stations and trade shows?

This means that if you share sensitive information over a public network while walking through a railway station, a criminal could intercept that information and potentially access commercially sensitive or personal data.


Why employee apathy is the biggest security issue of all

Staff members have become one of the biggest cyber security threats to business because they’re not as invested in cyber security as the owner of a business, so aren’t as proactive deploying security systems when they should do.

As a result, businesses are being left exposed to numerous types of attacks by cyber criminals. In addition, with the new GDPR legislation, businesses will no longer be able to cover up security breaches or malware attacks, so now is the time to get on top of all the cyber security threats to your business, most importantly your employees.

Find out how to protect your business today. Download our eBook and learn why employees have become the biggest security risk to UK businesses, what you can do to mitigate this risk, and how you can motivate your workforce to protect your business’ data and online communications.

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